Kevin J. Haines

902 Delta River Way

Knightdale, NC 27545





Senior Software Engineer / Application Developer


Certified Software Engineer with an extensive background in software design and development for Windows, iPhone, BlackBerry, and the Web.  Seeking an opportunity to apply vast and varied development experience in a challenging, team-oriented work environment.



 "Our profiler product is amazing and our clients and agents absolutely love the product."

-John M. Hagerty ; Vice President IT, Travel Management Partners


“Kevin’s quality of work, attendance, efficiency and overall performance has been excellent in every way.”

-James Saunders ; President, CISYS


“It’s a pleasure to work with Kevin.  He has met or exceeded all goals for our existing and new products.”

-Ned Hamilton ; Director of Development, Radio Computing Services



Languages: C#, Java, C++, Objective-C, C, Java Script, VB Script, Perl, HTML

Operating Systems: MS-Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT/Me/98, RIM BlackBerry, iPhone OS, Windows CE, Palm, MS-DOS

Databases: MS SQL, Oracle, Perst Lite (McObject), SQLite, MS Access , C-Tree ISAM (Faircom)

Development Tools: MS Visual Studio .NET 2005/2003, Eclipse, MS Visual Studio 6, Xcode/Interface Builder, MS eMbedded Visual Tools, Code Warrior 7.0

Case Tools: Erwin, Rational Rose, MS Visio

Other: .NET Framework, IIS, Visual SourceSafe, Crystal Reports, InstallShield



Microsoft Certified Professional



Pace University; White Plains, NY, Computer Science

Ohio State University; Columbus, OH, Communications Major




MedAptus, Inc (8/2008 – present) / Senior Software Engineer


Currently designing and developing mobile and web applications for the medical industry. Mobile development platforms currently include both iPhone and BlackBerry®.


Programming Languages: Java, Objective-C, C++, HTML

Operating systems: RIM BlackBerry, iPhone OS, Windows

Databases: SQLite, Perst Lite (McObject), MS SQL

Other: XML, SQL stored procedures



Travel Management Partners ; Raleigh, NC (12/2002 – 8/2008) / Senior Software Developer


Ø  CorpProfiles (Profiler)

o    TMP needed a solution that would allow both travelers and travel agents to manage corporate travel profiles.  The web-based system that I designed and developed integrated cutting-edge database technology with legacy CRS applications to deliver a complete tool which allows real time synchronization between the GDS (Global Distribution System) and online booking engines.  I was solely responsible for the full life cycle design and development of this system implemented on a web farm utilizing network load balancing.


Ø  Meetings Registration Management

o    Designed and developed a management tool for TMP that provides Meeting planners a time-saving mechanism allowing attendees to register for events while capturing and storing the information to a SQL database.  This system features dynamic web registration forms that can be designed and published by the meeting planners.  It additionally gathers complete details of the attendees’ travel plans from the air and hotel reservation systems to avoid manual entry of this information.  System includes reporting features as well.


Ø  TravelPortal

o    The main purpose behind developing this application was to provide an interface that would provide complete profile information of TMP travelers to the GetThere booking engine.  Since travelers access this web interface, links to CorpProfiles, travel itineraries, and our own booking engine (CorpTrip) are also provided.


Ø  Integrated Travel Data Database & Data Collection

o    In order to provide our corporate customers with the host of data required to provide the many concise and varied reports that they demanded, and given the fact that this data resided in multiple (oftentimes) 3rd party databases which made tying that data together both difficult and time-consuming, I delivered a single, efficient, consolidated SQL database to house all of this information.  This database is populated in nearly real-time by monitoring changes to all active PNRs and updating the database with this information.


Ø  CorpTrip

o    My responsibilities included maintenance and bug fixes to TMP’s flagship travel booking engine.


Programming Language: C#, C++, MS Visual C++, Java script, VB script, HTML

Operating systems: Windows 2000

Database: Microsoft SQL

Other: COM+ ; XML ; Windows Services ; Windows scripting components (WSC) ; Data modeling ; ASP/.NET ; SQL stored procedures ; Regular expressions ; XMLSelect ; SSL


Ø  Winner of the 2004 “Pinnacle Club” award for outstanding performance and contribution



CISYS, Inc. ; Raleigh, NC (1/2000 – 10/2002) / Senior Systems Developer


Palm-Based Medical Prototype (8/2002 – 9/2002)

Designed and developed a Palm VII prototype for a prospective client in need of a mobile extension to their existing desktop medical application.  This application allowed physicians to review and update patient information with data stored in a Sybase database and synchronized with the handheld application via a Palm conduit plug-in to the HotSync Manager.

Programming Language: Code Warrior C++, MS Visual C++

            Operating system: Palm ; Windows 2000

Database: Palm database (PDB) ; Sybase


Symbol Technologies - Handheld Showcase (6/2002 - 7/2002)

Developed a graphics-intensive IIS Active Server Page application that allowed consumers to see and learn more about Symbol Technologies’ products that fit their specific needs.  Product information was represented in an MS-SQL database accessed via ADO.

            Programming Languages: VB script, Java script, HTML

            Database: Microsoft SQL

            Other: CDONTS mail


Cisco Corporation Engineering Status Reports (4/2002 – 5/2002)

Created an Intranet-based Perl solution for a major Internet networking corporation in need of a mechanism to allow their engineering staff to log goals, training, interactions, initiatives, etc. to upper management.  The management-side requirements included a robust selection criteria process for reporting on the data stored in an Oracle database.

Programming Languages: Perl script, Java script, HTML

Database: Oracle


.NET Applications & Components (3/2002 – 4/2002)

Designed and developed .NET components and ASP.NET Web Form applications for use as examples on our company web site as well as code samples for fellow staffers.  The first application was a multiple-view calendar in which users could store standard business/personal data.  It had a SQL server backend that was accessed through a .NET component using stored procedures.  I additionally wrote ASP.NET versions of the classic games “Hangman” and “Connect Four”.

Programming Languages: C#, HTML

            Database: Microsoft SQL

            Other: .NET Framework ; SQL stored procedures


ACRS - Web-Based Training Management Application (1/2002 – 2/2002)

Developed an ASP application to track the training and development of the members of various search & rescue teams.  In addition to progress tracking, and administrative security control, this program additionally offered multiple custom Crystal Reports.

            Programming Languages: VB script, Java script, HTML

            Database: Microsoft SQL

            Other: Crystal Reports


Pocket PC Fluid Collection (12/2001 – 1/2002)

Designed and developed a voice-enabled application for the Pocket PC that performed user-independent speech recognition capable of voice-directed data entry and program navigation. This was designed for use by truck drivers employed by a fluids collection firm.

Programming Language: MS eMbedded Visual C++

Operating system: Windows CE

Database: Windows CE database

Other: fonix Faast-Embedded ; multi-threaded


Internet-Based Project Manager (11/2001 – 12/2001)

Collaborative development of an Active Server Page application to organize and analyze tasks, projects, and deadlines.  The program additionally stored client information and offered various progress and tracking reports.

            Programming Languages: VB script, Java script, HTML

            Database: Microsoft SQL

            Other: CDONTS


Cisco Corp. Budget & Expense Internet Application (9/2001 – 11/2001)

Involved in the design and development of an Internet-based budget allocation and expense tracking application.  This “phase one” portion of the system was developed for a major Internet networking corporation and also included organizational charts, employee certification tracking, and, login-level security.

Programming Languages: Perl script, Java script, HTML

Database: Oracle


ASP Upload Component (9/2001 – short term project) 

Developed an ASP-accessible ATL COM object that allowed users to upload data files to a server.  Although there are third-party packages available, the client wanted robust source code with provisions for future enhancements.

Programming Language: Visual C++

Other: ATL


Digital Signature Capture (8/2001 – one week project)

Designed and implemented a small program for the Pocket PC to capture digital signatures and place them in the mail system Outbox for transfer on subsequent synchronization.

Programming Language: MS eMbedded Visual C++

            Operating system: Windows CE

            Other: Mail API  ; InkX Control


Finishing Touches (8/2001 – one week project)

Wrapped up a nearly completed project by writing a C++ COM object input-driven by an ASP page which dynamically generated comma-separated value output files from data stored in a SQL database.  Also implemented security level features in which administrators controlled user access to the various areas of the system.

Programming Languages: Visual C++ ; VB/Java script

            Operating system: Windows NT

            Database: Microsoft SQL

            Other: STL


Physician’s Patient Organizer for the Palm OS (7/2001 – 8/2001)

Developed a Palm OS version of the Pocket PC application described below.  Wrote various MFC-like class wrappers around many of the common controls and a dialog wrapper to expedite development.

Programming Language: Code Warrior C++

            Operating system: Palm

Database: Palm database (PDB)


Physician’s Patient Organizer for the Pocket PC (6/2001 – 7/2001)

Developed and contributed in the design of a small but robust application to aid physicians during their daily patient rounds.  This program periodically synchronized information with a master data store and tracked patient’s complaints, diagnosis, medication/family history, lab results, etc.

Programming Language: MS eMbedded Visual C++

            Operating system: Windows CE

Database: Windows CE database


Voice-Enabled Pocket PC Application (6/2001 – 7/2001)

Performed investigative research into voice-enabling a Pocket PC application.  This led to my development of a demo application that performed user-independent speech recognition capable of voice-directed data entry and program navigation for presentation to a potential client.

Programming Language: MS eMbedded Visual C++

            Operating system: Windows CE

Other: fonix Faast-Embedded ; multi-threaded


Productivity Point - Online Course Catalog (5/2001 – 6/2001)

Designed and developed a multi-tier web-based course catalog for this RTP based corporation.  This system allowed students to preview and enroll in online courses, and administration to schedule new class information as well as maintain history profiles.  The system was implemented with Active Server Pages accessing a SQL database via stored procedures through a Visual Basic DLL.

            Programming Languages: MS Visual Basic, VB script, Java script, HTML

            Database: Microsoft SQL

            Other: CDONTS


Financial Reports (5/2001 – two week project)

Designed numerous financial, availability, and status reports for a major hotel management firm importing data into a Microsoft Access database.

            Database: Microsoft Access


MedAptus - Pocket PC Application for Medical Industry (12/2000 – 5/2001)

Developed a Pocket PC application for use by physicians.  Responsible for providing audio dictation capability, extending custom controls, and general user-interface development against a database object.

Programming Language: MS eMbedded Visual C++

Operating system: Windows CE

Database: Windows CE database


Sertus Corporation - COM+ MTS Components (8/2000 – 12/2000)

Designed and implemented the middle-tier business portion of a COM+ MTS component in C++.  Clients of the component were Active Server Pages and C++ applications. The component itself was a client of various MTS COM+ components.  The component utilized XML technology as well as the Adobe Acrobat PDF Writer in its implementation.

Programming Language: Visual C++

            Operating system: Windows 2000

            Database: Microsoft SQL

            Other: Microsoft XML DOM ; STL ; ATL ; Adobe Acrobat PDF Writer


Sertus Corporation - UML Modeling (6/2000 – 8/2000)

Took part in the collaborative modeling of a multi-tier COM+ MTS-based enterprise system.

Other: Rational Rose


Sertus Corporation - MFC Extension Classes (5/2000 – 6/2000)

Extended the Microsoft Foundation Class libraries with additional classes designed specifically for developers working with an organizational model.  This code provided a representation of hierarchical data through various customized views.

Programming Language: Visual C++

Other: Stingray/Rogue Wave libraries


Intellicissions - Real-Time Graphing Applet (4/2000 – 5/2000)

Developed an applet with dynamic graphing capabilities for ultimate use as part of a real-time Internet site.  Graphs were rendered using calls to Java’s native drawing functions.

Programming Languages: Java, HTML


Client/Server Data Transfer (4/2000)

Designed and implemented a system where an HTTP client application initiated two-way communication with an ISAPI extension server.  Proprietary information was transferred over secure socket layers to the server where a database was updated and an e-mail attachment sent off for storage into Lotus Notes.

            Programming Language: Visual C++

            Operating system: Windows NT/2000/98/95

            Database: Microsoft SQL

            Other: CDONTS ; SSL ; COM


Web-Based Bulletin Board System (3/2000 – 4/2000)

Implemented a web-based bulletin board system where user submissions were e-mailed to a central location and reviewed prior to posting by a manager application.  The submissions were handled using ASP, management and posting by Java applets.

            Programming Languages: Java, Java script, VB script, HTML


Paradigm Genetics - Internet Contact Management Application (2/2000 – 3/2000)

Designed and developed with Active Server pages an application for managing company contacts.  This managed users of the system as well as outside contacts.

Programming Languages: Java script, VB script, HTML

            Database: Microsoft Access


AutoSoft - Inventory Web Applet (1/2000 – 2/2000)

Completed a Java web applet designed to aid auto dealers in reviewing inventories over the Internet.  Custom-coded controls provided a fast and efficient search mechanism.

Programming Languages: Java, HTML



Radio Computing Services ; Raleigh, NC (10/1991 – 1/2000) / Staff Programmer


Chosen as a team member in the design and development of Aircheck Monitoring System, a Windows-based audio recognition system.

This large-scale system for monitoring, identifying, and reporting portions of radio and television broadcasts boasted a 98% accuracy rate.  Responsibilities included the design and development of numerous applications including various user interface system management programs and 24x7 background scheduling services.  The object-oriented system design included the use and development of COM technologies.

            Programming Languages: C, Visual C++

            Operating systems: Windows NT/98/95 ; MS-DOS

Database: Microsoft SQL

Other: COM ; multi-threaded ; ActiveX ; MFC ; SQL stored procedures ; ATL ; UI threads


Additional accomplishments & achievements:



RCS Research ; White Plains, NY (3/89 – 10/91) / Staff Programmer


Collaborative software development of several PC applications designed for the radio and television industries.

            Programming Languages: C, 80x86 Assembler

            Operating system: MS-DOS

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